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Infrastructure & Construction

Technical inspections & audits, product service and warranty, testing and shipment of goods & work safety.

Banking & Insurance

Simplification and acceleration of the entire document management, by certifying any bank flow and guaranteeing its authenticity.

Legal & law firms

Ensuring the authenticity and the immutability of any court-relevant media file.


The most advanced and professional way to legally certify collected digital evidence.


From testing to pre-loading of goods, from assembly to inspection by technicians at your customer’s premises.

Certification bodies

Adding value to your inspection, audit, quality assurance and certification processes it has never been easier

Intellectual Property

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to legally protect your creative works every time you need it


Assurance of the integrity of all production steps through certification with legal value in a fully compliant way

Real Estate Management

Easily monitor property status and generate value from building inspections.

Logistics & Transport

Guarantee greater security and efficiency throughout the logistics management cycle.


The perfect solution for proving the state of the asset over time and ensuring trust between the parties.

Marketplace &

Certified photos and videos to make any marketplace more reliable and strengthen customer trust.

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Insurance companies, consulting firms, law enforcement agencies and other successful cases in which TrueScreen is a technological partner in guaranteeing reliable information.


Insurance & Banking


Certified document onboarding in full compliance with international document management guidelines. Reduced costs for consulting activities and full integration of TrueScreen solutions with corporate systems.


Real Estate & Infrastructure

Protos Engineering

Certified and indisputable evaluations, monitoring and inspections: assistance to experts in acquiring documentary evidence, generation of Technical Reports with full legal value, and risk reduction.



Federpol Forensics

Real-time acquisition of photos, videos, audios, screenshots and documents, generation of Forensic Technical Reports guaranteeing the authenticity and immutability of evidence collected by private investigators.

Automotive & Leasing

Compass Rent

Advanced evaluation process in the leasing industry. Reduced costs (90% effective savings compared to previous process management), fraud risk reduction, and simplified back office management.

“Thanks to the collaboration with TrueScreen we accelerate our process of technological innovation with the goal of offering simple and secure digital services to support the typical operation of insurance claims.”

General Manager Credemassicurazioni

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