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The first app that allows anyone to certify photos, videos, screenshots, documents and audios by guaranteeing their authenticity, immutability and indisputability.

TrueScreen Mobile App Interface

Certify with legal value your files and protect them from any manipulation


Photo and document


Screenshot & Screen recording




Audio & vocal recordings


Chat, Social & Website Content


GPS locations

Content and Context analysis

TrueScreen analyzes all the data of the acquired content and of the acquisition context, certifying the authenticity of the information collected for each of them.

  • GPS location, IP address, telephone provider, app and operating system version, device name, Date and Time Acquisition, Synchronization with NTP server, Connection Type

  • SHA256 and 512 Hash, File size, image widths and heights, creation date

  • Other technical details

Digital signature and timestamp application

TrueScreen instantly applies a timestamp and a digital signature that guarantee date certain of the moment of the acquisition making the captured content impossible to manipulate. Both are applied by an international and independent Official Certifying Body.

Technical forensic report

All data analyzed by TrueScreen is made available on the Forensic Report that is signed by an Official Certifying Entity.

  • Explication of the normative references that give legal and probative value to TrueScreen technology

  • Log of user and system activities for maximum transparency on the activities performed

  • Punctual indication of all the technical data referring to the content and context: GPS, IP address, Jailbreak detection, certified time and many other fundamental data

Advanced electronic signature

The Advanced Electronic Signature makes it possible to identify and allow the signature of the person carrying out the certification with full legal value

  • Full compliance with AgID and EIDAS regulations

  • No need to pre-register your signature or use your ID documents

  • Identifications made possible thanks to the use of your biometric data

  • No saving of signature data on truescreen servers, in total compliance with GDPR

Sharing and archiving

The forensic report containing all analyzed data and certified content can be immediately shared or saved into our secure cloud.

  • Share quickly using mail or instant messaging services
  • Save all your certified files to TrueScreen’s secure cloud

  • Integrate TrueScreen with your business systems to save your certified files using the service of your choice

Trust As A Service

Maximum reliability, security, compliance and privacy for your sensitive data


Privacy by design

Data management in full compliance with the GDPR legislation.


Quick and easy to use

Certify any content in seconds. Easy to use with no prior knowledge required.


Military security

We use the best and most advanced data protection technologies to ensure total security.


International patent

Analysis and certification algorithm protected by international patents of TrueScreen Srl.

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Certify your content and make it indisputable

Obtaining a professional technical report of your digital evidence is extremely fast and requires no expertise with TrueScreen.