Get full control over your certifications with Workspaces

A dedicated area designed to efficiently and securely manage your certifications and users for your business.


Set up your Workspace to live the best TrueScreen experience

More control for more efficiency and safety



An intuitive archive designed for optimized organization

Thanks to advanced search tools and filters, you can easily locate specific certification by criteria such as title, date, type, creator, etc.

Additionally, this storage system allows selective and controlled sharing of certifications with both internal and external individuals. Indeed, we follow a stringent protocol that operates on invitation model, allowing you to share any file without leaving the platform.



Different levels of visibility and access to protect privacy

Workspaces provide a selection of specific roles and permissions tailored to each user’s requirements.

The verification of users’ access and authority not only enhances security measures but also enables smooth collaboration and efficient certification management, even for any external collaborator.



Our best features for your Workspaces


Fully organized archive

Effortlessly navigate through your files by filtering capabilities. Simply input a specific criteria or employ our search functionality.


Seamless collaboration

Securely invite and collaborate with users of your choice, ensuring streamlined document handling.


Safe storage

Our system employs advanced encryption and strict access controls, ensuring secure and confidential data sharing and storing.



Designed with utmost flexibility, workspaces enable the use of customized certification flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no user limit. You can invite and manage as many useres you want. 

Yes, even those who  have a different email than your corporate.

No, each email corresponds to only one user.

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