Ensure traceability and transparency of the supply chain

Effortlessly certify every monitoring phase across the entire supply chain, from goods acceptance to delivery.

Certify every document of the logistic cycle

Verify the routes traveled and logistical activities performed by capturing certified photos and videos. Enhance transparency and ensure accountability for optimized supply chain efficiency and compliance.



photos and videos related to logistics activities and documentation.



acquired content through digital signatures, precise timestamps, and certified GPS location.



with Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) any documentation (no pre-registration and full legal value).



a Technical Report with full
legal value recognized by an
Official Certifying Body.


TrueScreen is already used for real-time acquisitions across various contexts

  • Certified tracking of goods, route and the entire value chain

  • Certification of the status of outgoing and incoming goods

  • Custom, Pre and Post-shipment inspections

  • Claims, damage and on-field reports

  • Document management, with certified document and process capture

  • Real-time signing of documents and contracts

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