Certified property inspections for reliable documentation

Easily certify all documentation for property and facility inspections to guarantee reliable and authentic information.

Certified monitoring of property status and facility management

From managing inspections to monitoring and verifying the state of preservation of properties, it is essential to integrate tools that effectively and reliably collect and manage all information correlated, facilitating the assessment of their state of preservation and the planning of any maintenance work.



photos and videos of the state of the properties and related documentation.



the acquired content by applying digital signature, certain date and certified geolocation.



a Technical Report with full
legal value recognized by an
Official Certifying Body.

Man taking photos to get a certified property inspection

TrueScreen is already used for real-time photo/video captures in these contexts:

  • Maintenance and inspections, with certified reports of maintenance and technical interventions (Rekeep or third-party companies);
  • Certification of work progress;
  • Emergency and Claim Management, with certified reporting of emergency intervention;
  • Certified inspections of buildings and infrastructure;
  • Logistics, delivery certifications (internal, external, sanitary);
  • Signing of documents/reports with Advanced Electronic Signature (ESA) requiring no pre-registration and with full legal value;
  • Contract management.