Certified documentation flows for reliable banking and insurance practices

Guarantee the authenticity of the entire document management to reduce fraud risks and ensure certified processes.

Security and integrity of any information flow

Face the new challenges of the digital era and meet the most stringent technological and legal compliance requirements. Achieve this by integrating a certified acquisition method that protect your files from any manipulation, preventing frauds and cyber risks.



photos and videos
concerning banking-insurance practice.



the acquired content by applying digital signature, certain date and certified GPS location.



with Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) any document related to insurance and banking practices.



a Technical Report with full legal value recognized by an Official Certifying Body.


TrueScreen is already used for real-time photo/video captures in these contexts:

  • Certified document on-boarding
  • Contract management
  • Property Damage Management
  • Claim Management
  • Underwriting Management
  • Leasing Practice Management
  • Digitization of processes
  • Document Dematerialization
  • Casualty Management

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