Simple pricing solutions tailored to your needs


Pay-per-use from 2,60€

Pay-per-use packages for limited private usage.

What’s Included
  • Acquisition of any digital content with legal value through TrueScreen Mobile App
  • ISO, eiDAS, AGID compliance

  • Forensic report with digital signature and timestamp

  • Advanced Electronic Signature

  • Drag&drop web notarization

  • Secure storage


From 99,00€ per month

Turn-Key solution for SMEs and professionals.

What’s Included
  • Essential suite of services for acquisition, managing, reporting, signing

  • Unlimited seats and storage

  • Company workspace
  • Team management (usage, roles and permissions)

  • Branded experience in app and portal

  • No-code instant integration

  • Available API key

  • Standard support


Custom solutions

Our most powerful technology for advanced control and flexibility.

What’s Included
  • Advanced plan + 

  • Customized data acquisition process
  • Full integration with Enterprise information systems (CRM, ERP, SFTP, …)

  • Advanced acquisition management

  • Whitelabel Apps

  • SDK
  • 24/7 Support