the Truth

We certify authenticity and immutability of photo, video, audio, document and other data, making it indisputable evidence.

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Indisputable proofs, in just one click

Certify photo, video, document, screenshot and audio recording with legal and probative value.

Prevent fraud, disputes and misinformation, for you and your customers.

Already trusted by 10.000+ user & companies

From capturing to certifying in seconds: with a single tap you can put the most advanced cybersecurity technologies into action to guarantee the integrity of your files.

Ultimate Trust

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, all data & metadata of the acquired or imported content cannot be altered.


Our patented technologies adhere to international cybersecurity and forensics guidelines and eIDAS standards to ensure data security and user privacy protection.

Immediate Integration

Individuals, companies, public administrations and associations can easily integrate our technology in their processes and document flows via SDK, API, TrueLink.

Ensuring the truthfulness of facts, information and events to prove their legal or economic value is a constant need in many different fields.

Infrastructure & Construction

Technical inspections & audits, product service and warranty, testing and shipment of goods & work safety.

Insurance & Banking

Simplification and acceleration of the entire document management, by certifying any bank flow and guaranteeing its authenticity.

Legal & Investigation

Ensuring the authenticity and the immutability of any court-relevant media file.

Certify with legal value your files and protect them from any manipulation


Photo and document


Screenshot & Screen recording




Audio & vocal recordings


Chat, Social & Website Content


GPS locations

Easy integration with services you already use

Trust As A Service

Mobile App, Web Platform, API and SDK: all the solutions provided by TrueScreen to adapt to your needs

Mobile App

to guarantee authenticity and immutability.

  • Certify photo, video, audio, screenshot, screen recording document and geolocation in few seconds

  • Apply digital seals and time stamps from official certification bodies

  • Get a technical report with legal value


Web Portal

to seamlessly manage your certifications.

  • Notarize your files instantly applying digital seal and time stamp from official certification bodies

  • Easy management of your certification, your workspace and team

  • Access from any device using with a web browser


Tell us your needs and discover the best solutions for you

By answering a few simple questions, you will help us understand your needs and we will contact you to recommend the solutions that best fit your business.

We believe that in an era where we can no longer trust what we see on our screen, it is essential to restore trust in information.

At TrueScreen, we want to prevent fraud, litigation, and pervasive misinformation.

We are here to help you!

If you would like to learn more about our solutions and integrations for your business, book a demo with one of our specialists.