The control center for your certifications

The advanced dashboard to effortlessly manage your certifications, notarize files, and simplify your team’s work.


Easily manage and protect every aspect of your document flows


Instant notarization

Apply a digital signature and a timestamp to any file with TrueSign.


Unlimited cloud

Free up storage from your devices and take advantage of unlimited and secure cloud space.


User management

Logins, roles, permissions: manage your team members and streamline your workflow.


Advanced research

Categories, filters, tags: don’t waste time and find the certification you were looking for immediately.


Easy access

Access from any device, from any browser, from anywhere.


International method

Technologies and processes adhering to international standards containing guidelines (eIDAS, GDPR, ISO).

Watch TrueScreen Portal in action

With the drag-and-drop function, notarize directly from your desktop: you can instantly apply digital signatures and timestamps to documents, or any other
file on your device, to then conveniently store it in our safe archive.


Create your dedicated area

Explore Workspaces to enjoy our services and live a personalized experience.
Take advantage of our user-friendly archive system designed for efficient organization, with various levels of visibility and access to protect your privacy.