Trust, in the future

Capture authentic and immutable information.

Create customizable reports, documents and contracts.

Sign and certify everything with legal value.


the Truth

TrueScreen is the first cybersecurity solution that guarantees authentic and immutable information on documents, contracts, technical reports.

Capture and Certify

Capture photos, videos, audio, screenshots and documents with legal value with a patented method compliant with international forensic and cybersecurity guidelines.

Create Customized Documents and Reports

Personalize the information requested during the data collection phase by providing checklists, multiple choices, texts, dates, numbers, etc.

Sign with Legal Value

Sign documents with Advanced Electronic Signature with full legal value (eIDAS) and apply digital seal and timestamp to all documentation.

Anyone needs to provide Trust

Ensuring the truthfulness of facts, information and events to prove their legal or economic value is a constant need in many different fields.


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Already trusted by 10.000+ users & companies

Trust, in numbers

Cost Reduction on Inspection and Data Verification
Task Completion Speed
Increase in Documents correctly Signed within 1h
Disputes on data captured

Uncompromised Trust & Security

  • Data security and integrity guaranteed at the source of each process

  • Prevention of frauds and disputes

  • Compliant with  Legal, Forensic and Cybersecurity guidelines

Extreme Efficiency

  • Savings on costs and time on data acquisition, checks and document management

  • Customization of any acquisition processes and of the output of every process (document, reports, contracts)

  • Fast advanced signature of all any document with full legal value

Frictionless Adoption

  • Easy adoption for any company or organization

  • End to End service: from forensic acquisition to safe storage

  • Easy integration with any information management system

Advanced Cybersecurity in your hands


Forensic Environment

Data acquisition and report generation occur in a completely offline digital forensic environment on the Mobile App.


International compliance

Adherence to international legal, forensic, cybersecurity and privacy guidelines.


Digital Signature and Timestamp

Full legal value of each document thanks to seals provided by an official certifying body.


Advanced Electronic Signature

Quick and secure signing of documents fully compliant with regulations.


Advanced tools for organizations

Dedicated workspaces for seamless user permission management and for efficient certification archiving.


Mobile App, Web service, SDK & API

Multi-platform services to easily adapt to different usage needs.

Certify and protect your files with legal value


Photos & Documents




Audio & Vocal Recordings


Screenshots & Screen recordings


Chats, Socials & Website Content


GPS Locations


The Truth in your pocket

TrueScreen App is the only app that can guarantee the authenticity and unchangeability of photos, videos, screenshots, audio recordings and documents.

Ready to secure your data?

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Need help?

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When needed?

Discover all the areas where TrueScreen is useful daily to ensure authentic and reliable information.

Our mission is to Restore Trust

We believe that in an era where we can no longer trust what we see on our screen, it is essential to restore trust in information.

At TrueScreen, we want to prevent fraud, litigation, and pervasive misinformation.

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