Certified monitoring for infrastructure and construction sites

Quickly ensure quality and transparency of any work executed on your construction sites.

Transparency for each phase of your site work

To ensure effective monitoring of infrastructure and construction sites, regulations mandate the verification of information authenticity, traceability, and provenance. This ensures the integrity of captured photos and videos, preserving both content and context.



photos and videos of any construction site progress.



acquired content through digital signatures, precise timestamps, and certified GPS location.



a Technical Report with full legal value recognized by an Official Certifying Body.


TrueScreen is already used for real-time acquisitions across various contexts

  • Construction management

  • Safety on construction sites and in any workplace

  • Topographical surveys and certified geolocations

  • Notification of commencement of work

  • Real estate appraisals
  • Inventories

  • Assessments or inspections concerning the property’s condition

  • Technical Building Inspections

  • Verification and management of maintenance plan

  • PPE adoption verification

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