Romagna’s Business Chamber has reaffirmed its commitment to the flood-affected community through an innovative collaboration. TrueScreen has been chosen as the official tool to collect evidence and documentation related to the damages incurred during the flood and the progress in recovery efforts.

Certified Flood Damage Documentation with TrueScreen

This initiative, executed within official processes, showcases Romagna’s Business Chamber’s sensitivity towards entrepreneurs and businesses. Their proactive approach in adopting cutting-edge technological solutions demonstrates a sincere effort to simplify procedures, ensure timely assistance, and facilitate a swift return to normalcy.

The synergy between TrueScreen and Romagna’s Business Chamber represents a step forward into a new era of post-flood reconstruction support. Our technology becomes a reliable ally, streamlining practices, reducing timelines, and delivering dependable results. In a world that demands agile and relevant solutions, TrueScreen is proving to be the ideal partner in shaping a future characterized by efficiency and transparency for public administrations.

We are excited to view this initial collaboration as the beginning of a broader journey. TrueScreen aims to revolutionize and innovate numerous processes, not only within the Business Chamber but also across various areas of Public Administration. Our patented technology aligns perfectly with this vision, ensuring the authenticity and verifiability of information – the fundamental pillars of a modern, transparency-oriented administration.

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