The fusion of TrueScreen’s expertise and SCF S.r.l., a leading Italian company in safeguarding copyright for artists and record producers, represents a crucial step towards safeguarding creative individuals in our country.

Through TrueScreen’s cutting-edge technology, SCF Italy will be able to provide legal value to collections of content (videos, audios, web materials) gathered in the field, conducting verification, inspection, and control activities within their personal TrueScreen Workspace.

This endeavor yields several key advantages, including the preservation of the integrity and confidentiality of vital information, thereby enhancing the security of the collected data. Certified evidence will be stored and accessible via a shared cloud platform, establishing new standards of trust and transparency in the services provided.

Our collaboration with SCF Italy is poised to make a positive impact on the industry, contributing to the recognition and unwavering defense of creativity and innovation in Italy. We take pride in joining them in this endeavor for a safer and more sustainable creative landscape.

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