The increasing prevalence of false testimonies in road accidents poses a serious threat to the Italian insurance sector. Collusive witnesses, manipulated evidence, and fraudulent compensation claims challenge the integrity of the insurance system.

The recent ruling by the Court of Cassation underscores the crucial importance of photographic evidence in accident investigations, highlighting the weakness of verbal testimonies.

Photographic evidence in road accident claims

The rise of false testimonies and the ease with which witnesses alter the version of events or make up non-existent accidents to obtain unjustified compensation pose a critical challenge for the Italian insurance sector. The Court of Cassation has recently emphasized the severity of the situation, establishing the importance of reliable photographic evidence in determining the truth. This decision puts pressure on those seeking compensation, as verbal testimony alone is no longer sufficient to support a claim.


What the law demands

It is with the Cassation’s ruling 28924, dated October 5, 2022, and the related decision 28622/2022, that the role of witnesses has been diminished unless supported by photographic evidence.

In particular, it emerges that in the current era of smartphones and widespread image culture, it is considered unusual for an accident not to be documented photographically by the parties involved to record the damages.

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But can we still trust “simple” photos?

The role of photographs in accident investigation has thus become crucial. However, even photos may be insufficient, as the content (including related data and metadata, such as GPS location, time, device owner and more) has become too easy to manipulate due to artificial intelligence and other software or apps.

Through these tools, even those without specialized skills can quickly create fake images: for example, in this case, generating a fake car accident for personal gain would only take a few seconds.

The lack of reliable photographs jeopardizes both the value of testimonies and that of “normal” photos. In this scenario, the importance of solutions like TrueScreen in capturing and collecting authentic digital evidence with legal value becomes evident.

How can you easily take reliable photos

Capturing reliable photos is easy thanks to the TrueScreen app. With its patented forensic methodology, TrueScreen ensures the authenticity of photos you capture, making them indisputable.

TrueScreen collects all the data and metadata from the content captured and creates a detailed forensic report automatically. This report includes precise technical data such as GPS coordinates, IP addresses, Jailbreak detection, certified time, and more. This provides a thorough overview of the content and context of the acquisition.

Moreover, an official certifying body instantly applies a digital seal and a timestamp to each file. This ensures full legal value and makes manipulation impossible.

This solution makes it simple for anyone to capture necessary authentic evidence with legal value. Consequently, it streamlines insurance procedures effectively and enhances security measures to prevent fraud and disputes.

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