During the past few weeks, we have held numerous meetings with public administrators, companies, law firms, insurance companies, and industry associations, seeking ways to make our services even more valuable and impactful for the flood-affected population.

We have received support and assistance from numerous companies and families who reach out to us daily, seeking information and expressing gratitude for the contribution we are making to our regione, Emilia-Romagna, devasteted after the floods.

Yesterday, to our great surprise, we received the support of Apple, who decided to directly support our initiative by featuring it prominently on the main screen of the App Store. They are informing all users about the possibility of managing the documentation of damages through the TrueScreen app, completely free.

Receiving this incredible and unexpected support from multinational companies like Apple, as well as local businesses, consulting firms, and industry associations, further highlights the widespread solidarity and willingness to help during such a difficult time for our territory.

We think that this delicate situation provides an excellent example of how anyone, even those involved in only seemingly “distant” topics such as cybersecurity, can make an important contribution in returning to normality.


If you need our support to certify flood damage or want to know more about the initiative in general, click here.


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