We were honored to not only have the opportunity to participate but also be awarded in occasion of a significant event in the cybersecurity landscape, the Innovation Cybersecurity Summit, organized by ANGI (Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori).

The summit brought together leading national representatives in the field of cybersecurity like Massimo Ravenna of Acea, Alessandro Marzi of a2a, Nicla Ivana Diomede of Roma Capitale, and Andrea Iacopini of MERMEC.

Recognizing TrueScreen contribution in the Cybersecurity field

They all gathered to address the new and complex challenges encompassed by this industry. Amidst this esteemed gathering, our CEO, Fabio Ugolini, had the privilege to take the stage and prompt us to contemplate the significance of extending cybersecurity into the hands of everyone.

For this reason, he emphasized the importance of addressing emerging issues with innovative solutions like TrueScreen, which embraces the concept of “Cybersecurity POP” by providing inclusive tools that safeguard and preserve the authenticity and integrity of multimedia content.

“We also received the Innovation Award for our innovative contribution to the industry; this award goes to the entire TrueScreen team and we are really super proud of it.”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder e CEO TrueScreen

Indeed, receiving the Innovation Award is a recognition serves as a testament to the value of our efforts in advancing cybersecurity and empowering individuals with effective tools and solutions.

Empowering All with Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap for Digital Safety

Cybersecurity has emerged as a critical concern in our increasingly interconnected world. Without a doubt, the evolving landscape of threats demands proactive measures to protect sensitive information and maintain digital integrity.

However, the responsibility of cybersecurity should not rest solely on the shoulders of specialized experts or organizations. In fact, it must be democratized and made accessible to every individual, irrespective of their technical background or profession.

In his address, CEO Fabio Ugolini highlighted the pivotal role of TrueScreen, our cutting-edge cybersecurity solution, in addressing this imperative need. TrueScreen not only caters to the cybersecurity requirements of businesses and institutions but also empowers individuals to protect themselves against the growing threats in the digital realm. By embracing the concept of “Cybersecurity POP”, TrueScreen provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that preserve the authenticity and integrity of multimedia content.

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