Personalized document acquisition flows, certified with legal value

TrueFlow allows you to create your own custom capture flow to fit your needs for your checklist and inspections. Get a forensic report designed using your own templates.


Choose what information to capture

Thanks to TrueFlow you can easily collect any type of digital information and include this request in your completely personalized flow. You can acquire:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Screen recordings
  • Geolocation
  • Documents imported
  • Documents received from API
  • Free texts
  • Multiple choice texts
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Dates and times

Customize your certificate acquisition flow

1) Choose the sequence you need

Choose the order in which you, your collaborators or your customers will acquire the information. All the information collected will then be saved in the forensic technical report at the end of the acquisition flow. You can include any information you want to capture in the flow.

2) Design the report exactly how you want it

Choose the order and structure of the information you want to represent in the technical report you get at the end of the acquisition flow. You will be able to import your document templates and even choose the formatting of the characters, create tables and other customizations necessary to adapt to your information sharing needs.

3) Enable anyone you want to perform information capture

To enable yourself, collaborators or customers to perform the acquisition using the custom flow already created, you can use TrueLink or enable a workspace that includes it. Learn more about Workspace and TrueLink

4) Sign every capture with an advanced digital signature

At the end of each information acquisition, the operator will be able to sign the document (certifying his identity) using the advanced digital signature with legal value, compliant with eIDAS and AgID standards

5) Get the certified report

All the information acquired is saved in the certified technical report, provided with a time stamp and digital signature, to give it legal value

6) Store everything in TrueScreen secure cloud or in your storage system

The original files of all the collected information and the certified forensic report are collected inside a compressed file and are saved in the secure TrueScreen cloud or in the storage system of your choice (using API to connect to SFTP, CRM and other services of information management)

Do you want to use TrueFlow?

If you want to create your own personalized and certified acquisition flow with legal value, contact us now! You will be immediately contacted by one of our specialists.

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