Easy integration with API & SDK

TrueScreen can be easily integrated into all your digital services thanks to the simple and powerful API and SDK

TrueScreen Mobile App Interface

Notarization API

Thanks to the TrueScreen API you can easily notarize any document, photo, video or any other digital information flow, applying legal value with a certain date and digital signature

  • Apply timestamp and digital signature to any document to ensure future immutability and legal value

  • Document management processes adhering to the eIDAS and AgID document management guidelines
  • Automatically generated technical report with legal value to prove the certification occurred

  • Easy integration thanks to simple APIs and always available technical assistance

SDK (coming soon)

The easiest way to integrate TrueScreen into any digital platform and guarantee all document flows certified with legal value.

Trust As A Service

Maximum reliability, security, compliance and privacy for your sensitive data


Privacy by design

Data management in full compliance with the GDPR legislation.


Quick and easy to use

Certify any content in seconds. Easy to use with no prior knowledge required.


Military security

We use the best and most advanced data protection technologies to ensure total security.


International patent

Analysis and certification algorithm protected by international patents of TrueScreen Srl.

Certify your content and make it indisputable

Obtaining a professional technical report of your digital evidence is extremely fast and requires no expertise with TrueScreen.