The institutions and municipalities affected by the flood are disseminating useful information to document the damages incurred and to eventually request reimbursements and compensations.

As previously communicated, it is advisable and significant to begin photographically documenting the damages immediately, so as to possess more comprehensive evidence when seeking compensations and support. It is important to photograph/report even items that need to be discarded. Furthermore, it is essential to carefully preserve the taken photos and videos.

When repurchasing lost items and tools due to the flood, or when repairing damages, it is necessary to use traceable payment methods (credit or debit cards, bank transfers, etc.). It will also be important to retain invoices, photocopy receipts, and request non-fiscal receipts to be dated. Collecting data from potential witnesses could also prove helpful.

To facilitate the collection of photos and videos and to legally certify evidence of damages, the TrueScreen application is available. This free and non-profit service, initiated by locals for Romagna, enables obtaining a technical PDF report that includes all taken photos, their locations, dates, and times, thereby ensuring all documentation is legally certified.

Extracted from CNA Ravenna


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