Among the latest news regarding the 110% Superbonus, the one related to the requirement to certify videos and photos to substantiate and monitor the actual progress of Superbonus work performed on the construction site has certainly received much attention from architects. It is required, in fact, to prove the achievement of 30 percent of the work by providing the asseveration on video to counter the possibility of fraud in the field of building bonuses.

In fact, thanks to such a request it is possible to evaluate and verify any inconsistencies, contradictions and anomalies with respect to the documentation that was already mandatory.

Digital comes to meet this new need with a mobile solution, the TrueScreen app, which allows videos and photos to be certified in seconds, at low cost, and in a really easy way with a smartphone or tablet.

Sky TG24 and Ansa mention this following the agreement signed with the Order of Architects thanks to which it is “allowed to ‘notarize’ documents guaranteeing their certain date, immodifiability and digital integrity” with the TrueScreen app.

Photo and video asseveration with TrueScreen to demonstrate work performed

The TrueScreen app makes it easier for architects to conduct inspections at sites under construction or renovation because of its technology that combines the most advanced cybersecurity technologies and makes them accessible to all.
With the app, any content can be certified by applying a time stamp and digital seal from an Official Certification Body international and independent, thus ensuring date and time certain of the time of acquisition.

In a matter of seconds, any content produced within the app is then given legal value and made indisputable, which effectively creates an armored environment unassailable from the outside by protecting privacy and ensuring the veracity of the context and content of the file produced.

Any video or photographic evidence made with TrueScreen becomes authentic, unalterable and indisputableMoreover, it shoulde be noted how it is possible to certify not only video, but also documents, screen recordings, audio, screenshots.

Demonstrates the veracity and authenticity of the acquired videos

Thanks to the app you can protect yourself and ensure the authenticity and unalterability of videos, photos, documents, and more with your smartphone.
Speed up every case and get indisputable evidence with TrueScreen.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.