Sign documents and contracts in complete safety

Quickly fill, sign and archive any document using our Advanced Electronic Signature solution, ensuring compliance and security.


One signature solution for all your documents

Join financial and insurance institutions, public administrations, corporations, law firms, consulting firms and SMEs for secure signing and archiving of:

  • Bank and Insurance Contracts and Policies

  • Transportation documents
  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs)
  • Handover of Company and Security Devices
  • Informed Consents
  • Sales Contracts
  • Other contracts, forms, and documents

Banking & Insurance


Legal Firms & Services


Transport & Logistics


We tailored digital signing to your needs.

Create a New Signature Template

Upload in a few seconds to TrueScreen the information you want to collect and the document to be signed. Immediately after, get a QRcode and a Link to enable anyone to sign that document.

Get the Document Signed

Share the QRcode or the link so that whoever receives it will be able to sign all documentation directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer, without any need for other documents or external digital signatures.

Archive Your Documentation

The signed documents or contracts are made tamper-proof (thanks to digital sealing and timestamping) and securely stored in a cloud accessible from any device through a web portal. The signed documentation is also sent directly to the email address provided by the signer.

Share Your Signed Documentation

Easily share the signed documentation through any device and via all most common platforms with whoever you wish.


Full Legal Value

  • Compliance with CAD, AGID, eIDAS and banking regulations


Advanced Signature

  • Biometric Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

  • Time Stamp and Digital Seal

High Security

  • Identification with SPID, SSO and Double Factor Authentication

  • Storage on Secure Cloud or enterprise systems


  • Personalized Assessments, Forms and Reports

  • Dedicated Dashboards and Workspaces for advanced practice management



  • Paper Free
  • Energy Efficiency

  • Remote Signing
  • No Physical Storage


  • Sign via QR code or link

  • Auto-send signed docs

  • Import existing docs

Trusted by individuals and organizations

It’s secure, easy to use, and the document archiving feature is a game-changer. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their paperwork.

Secure and easy

Lucia Mastroianni – Head of Sales and Partnerships

We revolutionized the way we handle contracts. It’s so user-friendly and efficient! We can now complete and sign documents from anywhere, saving time and hassle.

A real time saver!

Roberto De Luca – Chief Legal Counsel

The tailored options and quick setup made it a perfect fit. I can’t imagine going back to the old way of signing documents. Highly recommended!

Quick setup and integration in our systems

Elena Martini – Product Design Specialist