How to certify audios with legal value

TrueScreen allows you to legally certify the authenticity and unchangeability of the audio recordings (phone calls, voice messages, environmental recordings…) that you record from your smartphone or tablet by instantly applying a time stamp (to ensure the date certain of the recording of the recorded audio) and a digital signature (to ensure that the audio can never be changed again).

Certify your audios to prove the truth

Ensuring the veracity of the data that contextualize your audios (GPS, IP address, and and other important technical details) will help you provide indisputable proof (probative value) that what you are recording really happened.

1. Download

Download the TrueScreen app directly to your smartphone or tablet.

2. Take your audios

Take an audio, or more, of the event you want to certify in real time directly within the app.

3. Analysis and data protection

Using a patented algorithm and AI within a completely offline environment, TrueScreen analyzes the captured data and verifies in seconds that the content has not been modified.

4. Certify your audios

After analyzing the data, TrueScreen will generate a Forensic Report certified by an Official Certifying Body within seconds. The technical report contains all the data that allows you to uniquely identify your certified audios.

5. Share your certified audios

You can easily share the Report and all certified audios through any messaging system (Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, Messenger etc..), sent by email or saved to a secure cloud.

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