Create a new TrueFlow

Only the Workspace Owner and TrueFlow Creators can create a new TrueFlow.
Create a TrueFlow

Follow these steps to create a new TrueFlow and design an acquisition flow that fits your specific needs, customizing it to your preferences.

  • 1
    Go to the Home section and click on New TrueFlow +. Alternatively, click on TrueFlow in the sidebar to open the drop-down menu, then Personal, and finally New TrueFlow +.
  • 2

    Choose the template that best suits your needs.

  • 3

    Provide the requested details in the flow’s fields to configure it according to your preferences.

  • 4

    Choose your preferences from the drop-down menu for each item.

  • 5

    Optionally return home, capture the stream, or send it to the recipient.

Learn how to delete a TrueFlow.

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