Certify the progress of infrastructure and construction site work

Certify construction site progress with legal value. Guarantee the authenticity of photos, videos, and GPS. Apply certain date and digital signatures to reports. Create customized checklists.

No objections, just reliable data.

To carry out proper monitoring of infrastructure and construction sites, it is necessary* to ensure the veracity and authenticity of the content and context of captured photos and videos, especially for commissioning companies or third-party companies.



Photos and videos regarding the progress of work on the site.



Content acquired through certified geolocation and datacertification application.



A verified report with probative value.

*In Ministerial Decree 49 / 2018 (which regulates the use of digital also in the execution phase of the works), Article 15 speaks of document acquisition carried out “through the use of specific electronic tools that use platforms, including telematic platforms capable of ensuring the authenticity, traceability and provenance of the information entered.”

Easily manage every phase of work on construction sites and infrastructure

Before, during and after: TrueScreen makes it easy for you to certify inspections performed during each phase of the work.


Verifying the non-manipulation of the data


Digital signature and Time stamp


Technical legal report


Secure cloud storage


Advanced Electronic Signature


Certified GPS Location

Media files you can certify


Already used for real-time photo and video captures to ensure indisputability in the following contexts

  • Construction management
  • Safety on construction sites and in any workplace
  • Topographical surveys and certified geo-locations
  • Notification of commencement of work
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Inventories
  • Appraisals or inspections related to the state of the property
  • Technical inspections of buildings
  • Verification and management of maintenance plan
  • PPE adoption verification

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