Certified Audit and Inspection

Customize your checklists, run inspections, generate automatic and customized auditing reports and immediately apply time stamp and digital signature to obtain fully compliant legal value.

Create your own Audit and Inspection flows

Thanks to TrueScreen you are now able to create your own customized checklists based on your audit needs, collect all the information collected and obtain a perfectly compliant technical report with full legal value and indisputable information


Run Inspection

Capture all information you need: photo, video, audio and document


Audit Report

Get technical report which collects all information acquired during the audit


Time Stamp & Digital Signature

Certifies the report and all the information collected by applying a time stamp and digital signature


TrueScreen is already used for real-time and fully compliant audit and inspection

  • ISO audits
  • Work safety audit
  • Quality control audits
  • Infrastructure management audit
  • Maintenance audits
  • Lean management audit
  • Compliance audits
  • Risk management audit
  • Work progress audit
  • Process audits

Customized Checklist & Reports

Discover all the tools provided by TrueScreen to customize checklists and audit reports. Speed up your inspections in full compliance and legal value, saving time and eliminating the use of paper

Manage your workspace

Invite collaborators, assign checklists, securely archive each certified report, manage roles and permissions. Find out how easy it is to manage the entire audit and inspection process with TrueScreen

Certify audits and inspections in real time

Get certified information with time stamp and digital signature.
Customize checklists and reports to obtain documentation perfectly suited to your needs.


File authenticity analysis


Digital signature and Time stamp


Technical audit report


Secure cloud storage


Advanced Electronic Signature


Certified GPS Location


Our Technology solutions

Discover all the services offered by TrueScreen to enable professionals and companies to carry out certified audits and inspections

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