We are pleased to announce the important project launched with Credemassicurazioni S.p.A. for certified digital document management of claims related to the “Loss of Workplace” guarantee.

In just a few weeks, we have made available to policyholders a tool to quickly digitize, capture and certify insurance claims documentation.

Certified claims document management with TrueScreen

By adopting TrueScreen technology, policyholders have increased the security of their entire document management, simplifying the entire data verification process and improving the perceived quality of the service provided.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we want to further accelerate our technological innovation journey with the goal of offering simple and secure digital services to support typical insurance claims operations.”

Rossella Manfredi, General Manager of Credemassicurazioni

We would like to thank the entire Credemassicurazioni team, which enabled us to bring in a short time and directly into the hands of its clients an innovative solution that can form the basis for important new developments.

Certifying facts and events to prevent insurance fraud

TrueScreen is the cybersecurity solution that legally certifies any file acquired or imported within the app, thus guaranteeing its authenticity and immodifiability.
The main objective is to prevent fraud and misinformation by providing a content acquisition method that preserves the integrity of the file.

Capturing a certified photo or video with TrueScreen is fast and requires no special technical skills: just download the app, log in and take a photo or record a video, our technology will take care of the rest.

How? TrueScreen analyzes data and metadata (hashes, geolocation, network addresses, etc.) of the content and acquisition context in a matter of seconds, after which it generates a legal technical report containing all the data from the analyzed files that is quick and easy to share with whomever you wish.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.