On the occasion of the Bologna Tech Week 2023, TrueScreen had the pleasure of hosting the insightful 01 Modern Talks, an engaging event that brought together professionals and enthusiasts for insightful discussions on highly debated topics from the past year. The subjects included the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and legal considerations, effective Crowdfunding strategies, and the principles of Sustainable Design.

TrueScreen’s Impact at Bologna Tech Week 2023

TrueScreen invited experts in the mentioned topics to lead discussions and engage participants, sharing impactful insights on these currently debated subjects. Witnessing how it all unfolded was quite intriguing.

This gathering, in fact, not only served as a unique platform for thought-provoking discussions but also ignited a spark for collaborative synergy and the exchange of valuable insights. The event seamlessly wove together diverse perspectives, creating an atmosphere where knowledge not only circulated but also took root, cultivating a dynamic landscape for future endeavors.

Bologna Tech Week: AI, Crowdfunding and Sustainability

One key focus of 01 Modern Talks centered around the exploration of Artificial Intelligence and the legal frameworks governing its utilization. Legal experts and lawyers, Giuseppe Vaciago and Andrea Michinelli, navigated the intricacies of this intersection, providing insights into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within the rapidly evolving landscape.

Subsequently, participants delved deep into the intricacies of Crowdfunding through an engaging talk led by Forno Brisa’s General Manager, Pasquale Polito, and Dynamo’s CEO, Salvatore Viola. They skillfully broke down the entire journey of a successful crowdfunding campaign, covering everything from initial planning and strategy to the actual implementation and promotion.

To wrap things up, Alex Giustolisi from the Bolognese communication agency, Digital Paths, took us on an enlightening exploration of Sustainable Design, revealing how impactful designs can truly make a positive difference.

These topics are pivotal in the realms of tech innovation and responsible business practices. The crowd was fully engaged in lively discussions on these crucial subjects throughout the event.

“The sensitivity demonstrated toward these issues and the strong willingness to share experiences are clear indicators of the potential ingrained in Bologna’s DNA, perhaps still waiting to be fully realized.”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

Beyond the thematic discussions, 01 Modern Talks served as a powerful networking platform, facilitating connections among professionals passionate about advancing technology and innovation.

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