We’re thrilled to announce TrueScreen’s victory at the regional finale of CNA Reggio Emilia’s Premio Cambiamenti 2023. Emerging triumphant among 250+ startups is a tremendous achievement, filling us with pride. As we progress to the national finals in Rome on December 15th, we’re grateful for the support and confidence our project is receiving.

What is Premio Cambiamenti

The ‘Premio Cambiamenti’ is a prestigious national competition designed to support and acknowledge outstanding Italian businesses that have emerged in the last five years (after January 1, 2019).

Founded on the principles of courage and people’s capabilities, the award seeks to recognize enterprises that have revitalized traditions, contributed to their local communities, and demonstrated innovation in products and processes. By doing so, “Premio Cambiamenti” aims to celebrate and promote the best of Italy, offering deserving businesses the opportunity for visibility, discussion, and validation of their remarkable contributions to making the country more competitive.

A Cybersecurity Commitment to Italy’s Innovation Landscape

Being selected among a competitive pool of startups emphasizes and aknowledge our commitment to promoting innovation and supporting sustainable entrepreneurship in Italy. TrueScreen’s cybersecurity solution has proven itself, showcasing its relevance in a continuously changing digital environment.


As we eagerly prepare for the ultimate phase of the competition, we express our gratitude for the encouragement received thus far. TrueScreen is poised to make a lasting impact at the national finals, showcasing the transformative potential of our solution in the cybersecurity realm. See you in Rome for the grand finale!

More about the solution

In addition to the excitement of this recognition, it’s crucial to highlight the innovation that set TrueScreen apart. Our solution empowers you to capture a diverse range of digital content, from photos and videos to audios, screenshots, and documents. This not only ensures authenticity but also guarantees the immutability of your content, providing legal value that aligns with our commitment to cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.