Receiving the Special Award Formiche of the Premio Aretè was a moment of immense gratitude and pride for TrueScreen.

Last Friday marked the XX edition of the Premio Aretè at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan. This significant event focuses on responsibility and social innovation, and it was an honor for us to be acknowledged alongside eminent personalities who have made remarkable contributions to the promotion of social responsability in recent years.

TrueScreen’s Commitment to Responsible Innovation Recognized at Premio Aretè 2023

It’s truly an honor for TrueScreen to be recognized at the “Premio Aretè 2023” alongside other influential entities demonstrating a strong commitment to responsible communication. The event, held at Bocconi University, was a momentous occasion shared with professionals like Corrado Passera, Davide Dattoli, Letizia Moratti, Lorella Cuccarini, Luciano Floridi, Elisa Zambito Marsala, and many other distinguished participants.

Our heartfelt thanks to Enzo Argante and the Premio Aretè team for this unforgettable experience. This recognition not only allows us to reflect on the evolution of TrueScreen but, more importantly, emphasizes the centrality of the principles of social responsibility in our endeavors.

“We are genuinely thrilled that our dedication to promoting and spreading responsible communication is receiving recognition. We firmly believe that building trust is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving significant social sustainability goals. Without the assurance of truth, trust cannot be established.”
""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

We remain dedicated to responsible communication, and this recognition further fuels our commitment to innovative and socially responsible practices.

More about the solution

In addition to the excitement of our recognition, it’s crucial to highlight the innovation that set TrueScreen apart. Our solution empowers you to capture a diverse range of digital content, from photos and videos to audios, screenshots, and documents. This not only ensures authenticity but also guarantees the immutability of your content, providing legal value that aligns with our commitment to cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions.

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