We are delighted to announce a highly significant partnership with the Municipality of Bologna, marking a crucial step in the evolution of our commitment to transparency and information security. This remarkable opportunity has also been made possible through close interaction with key figures such as Councilor Massimo Bugani, sharing a common vision of reliable information to ensure the protection of informational assets.

Administrative Efficiency and Security with TrueScreen certifications

The integration of TrueScreen technology into the operations of the Municipality of Bologna represents a significant stride in improving efficiency and security across various areas of city administration. Sectors such as urban planning, green spaces, municipal police, combatting violence against women, public works, maintenance, and infrastructure will receive vital support through our advanced solutions.

This partnership translates into a shared dedication to promoting innovation and enhancing the quality of services provided to citizens, marking a significant milestone in the growth journey of the Municipality of Bologna.

TrueScreen and the Municipality of Bologna will continue to collaborate jointly to promote transparency, security, and efficiency. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of citizens and in the digitalization process of our country.

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