We are pleased to share our exciting participation in the 66th National Federpol Congress, held in the picturesque Giardini Naxos. This year’s theme, “LAWYER & PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Two Professionals United in the Search for Truth,” has fostered an engaging atmosphere of sharing and synergy between these essential professional roles.

At this event, we proudly unveiled our collaboration with Federpol through the Federpol Forensics App. This innovative application, developed in partnership with TrueScreen – Trust as a Service, ensures high legal validity for all multimedia content collected through mobile devices.

The integration of TrueScreen patented technology within this app authenticates file characteristics and contextual acquisition data, thereby ensuring content integrity. This solution proves to be of fundamental importance for investigations, providing Italian investigators with cutting-edge tools.

Elevating Investigations Through Innovation

During the event, we had the privilege of discussing the current landscape of investigations in a time of profound change. This gathering bolstered our passion for innovation and commitment to contributing to the progress and security of investigations.

We extend our gratitude to President Luciano Tommaso Ponzi and Marco Gallo for their hospitality and the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event. Our collaboration with Federpol will empower us to face future challenges with determination and responsibility.
We will continue to work tirelessly alongside professionals like you, with the aim of making the world a safer and fairer place through state-of-the-art solutions.

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder e CEO TrueScreen

Our participation in the 66th National Federpol Congress has solidified our commitment to driving investigative progress through innovation. The dynamic atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing has invigorated our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower legal professionals and investigators alike. Our collaboration with Federpol, showcased through the groundbreaking Federpol Forensics App, reflects our shared vision for a safer and more just world.

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our mission to pioneer technologies that enhance the integrity and effectiveness of investigative processes, contributing to a safer future for all.

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