What value do the photos we take have? Is it possible to combat fake news? These critical questions lie at the heart of today’s debate on trust and the authenticity of information. We had the opportunity to discuss these topics with Enzo Argante of Forbes Italy during an exclusive interview with TrueScreen’s CEO, Fabio Ugolini, on the Green Carpet program by BFC media.

The Value of Photos in Economic and Legal Contexts

Photos hold significant value when it comes to matters of great importance, particularly in economic or legal contexts. Often, the outcome of a legal case or the success of an economic transaction relies on the validity of the photographic evidence presented. It is in these contexts that photos can have far-reaching consequences, influencing crucial decisions and establishing the truth.

TrueScreen: The Cybersecurity Solution to Counter Digital Manipulation

In an era where trust in the digital world is declining, it becomes essential to adopt tools that ensure the authenticity of information. TrueScreen is built on this fundamental principle. Its mission is to combat fake news and digital manipulation by providing reliable certification of digital content.

Faced with the inevitable technological trend in which trust is diminishing, it is necessary to take a proactive approach as individuals and citizens. Learning to evaluate whether what we see and read is real or not becomes an essential skill. TrueScreen actively strives in this direction by collaborating with insurance companies, banks, and other significant entities. Our involvement is crucial in ensuring the authenticity of information within their processes.

“We know that a 12-year-old with a 100-euro device and a free application can modify the content, and consequently the meaning, of a photo, a video, an audio. And so we asked ourselves, ‘Is there a way to create a kind of impregnable capsule around this content, which not only protects it but also describes where it was created?”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

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