Following the devastating floods that struck Emilia-Romagna in recent weeks, TrueScreen has launched an initiative to support flood victims. TrueScreen’s CEO, Fabio Ugolini, a flood victim himself, living in Lugo, sat down with SkyTG24 for an interview to delve into the cutting-edge technology behind the TrueScreen app and its pivotal role in certifying photos of damages, but not only that.

The app to certify any damage, but not only that

TrueScreen revolutionizes the certification process by enabling individuals to easily validate any multimedia content, such as photos, videos, and audio recordings, with maximum legal value. With our patented methodology, TrueScreen offers Emilia-Romagna residents a crucial tool to obtain legally recognized certifications of flood damages. This free service not only expedites bureaucratic procedures but also safeguards against potential disputes, ensuring swift assistance for those affected by the floods.

During the interview, Ugolini also sheds light on the most common use cases regarding the technology behind TrueScreen. The app analyzes any content captured and accurately identify all the data and metadata related to the content and its context. This technology ensures that anyone can defend themselves in several situations obtaining reliable certifications quickly and efficiently. Following these procedures can greatly speed up the entire bureaucratic process, especially with regard to insurance purposes.

The underlying premise is that any digital content today, due to artificial intelligence, editing apps, or other tools, is fundamentally unreliable. Therefore, the use cases arise whenever these digital contents hold legal or economic value. We extensively collaborate with institutions, public administrations, and particularly in the insurance and banking sectors. The business world requires certification of supply chains and specific information, but we also think of individuals, citizens, where certification of content can provide valid evidence in cases of cyberbullying, revenge porn, defamation, or stalking.

""Fabio Ugolini, Co-Founder and CEO TrueScreen

Emilia-Romagna united to return to normality supported by TrueScreen

TrueScreen’s initiative has garnered widespread praise for its proactive approach in aiding the flood-stricken community. By providing a free, accessible, and reliable certification solution, TrueScreen is supporting residents to navigate the recovery process to normality with confidence.

If you want to learn more about TrueScreen’s initiative, give your support or know more about the technology behind it, contact us. Together, we can support the residents of Emilia-Romagna in returning to normalcy after these devastating events.

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