Forbes describes TrueScreen as the anti-fake startup that certifies photos, combating the spread of “fake images.” In a recent interview with Forbes Italia, TrueScreen’s CEO reveals the innovative approach to verifying photo authenticity. Discover how TrueScreen is revolutionizing photo certification to restore trust in the digital age.

Forbes: TrueScreen, the Startup Combatting Fake Images in Our Digital Era

In this interview with Forbes, the CEO of TrueScreen, Fabio Ugolini, shed light on how our cybersecurity solution can combat the rise of “fake images” in the digital landscape.

In fact, in the digital age we live in, images that circulate on the internet can be “challenging”. Digital manipulation of photos has made it possible to create images that appear authentic but actually depict distorted situations. This phenomenon has consequences both in the legal field and in the dissemination of misleading information.

To effectively address this issue, the startup TrueScreen, founded by Fabio Ugolini and Giuseppe Travasoni, aims to certify any multimedia file captured through smartphones or tablets, attributing it legal and probative value.

The potential of TrueScreen was put to the test in a real context during the tragic flood that hit Emilia-Romagna. On that occasion, the application was made available for free to citizens to legally certify the damages incurred, generating certified evidence that can be used in insurance procedures or potential legal disputes.

Unlocking the Potential: TrueScreen’s Diverse Use Cases

The strength of TrueScreen lies in its advanced technology and the certification process it follows. The app utilizes patented algorithms to analyze the distinct characteristics of each multimedia file and the device in use, including data and metadata. Once a file is certified by TrueScreen, it acquires legal and probative value that can be recognized in courtrooms or other legal contexts.

“We know that 94% of the content we see on the internet comes from mobile devices. If we want to limit deepfakes, we need to take action with software that is easily accessible from these types of devices. We like to think that anyone can have the truth at their fingertips. With a simple click. Because if you have the application on your smartphone, you may never need it, but in case you do…”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

TrueScreen’s mission is to promote trust in the digital age by offering an innovative service that ensures image integrity. Thanks to its advanced technological approach and reliability, TrueScreen is rapidly gaining popularity as a reference point for image certification in Italy and beyond.

Through its user-friendly application, TrueScreen makes the possibility of protecting one’s image and ensuring the authenticity of photos accessible to everyone with a simple tap of a finger. With TrueScreen, you can be confident that your images have legal value and are safeguarded against fraudulent manipulations.

The legal application sectors are diverse, especially concerning various types of damages such as automotive, real estate, large structures, as well as issues like stalking, revenge porn, and cyberbullying.

“Our mission is to restore trust in digital communications by providing advanced and accessible technology to businesses, governments, associations, and individuals. This technology is essential in preventing fraud, disputes, and misinformation in all economic and social relationships. Our ambition is to become the global standard for acquiring and managing certain and indisputable digital information.”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

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