Digital technology comes to the aid of the Emilia-Romagna territories affected by the flood. TrueScreen is an application designed to certify any multimedia file acquired through smartphones or tablets by attributing it legal and probative value. It is called forensic acquisition, and the Bologna-based startup of the same name has made it one of its strong points. It is clear why this could be very useful in these still emergent phases in the many municipalities and locations affected by the devastating phenomena of recent days. Through artificial intelligence and its algorithms protected by international patents, Truescreen, founded by Fabio Ugolini, a resident of Lugo in the province of Ravenna, and also affected by the floods, analyzes the acquired contents, verifying that they have not been altered or modified compared to the originals, as well as checking other characteristics related to the acquisition process. After the checks, if the outcome is positive, the user receives a document with forensic value to use for their needs, including all insurance-related purposes.

Truescreen has now decided to offer its service for free, which is usually paid for through a credit system, to the populations affected by the floods in recent weeks. All of this is aimed at facilitating compensations and speeding up bureaucracy when procedures and paperwork are ready. To achieve this, while waiting for the government to establish the methods and amounts of compensation (for now, the decreto maltempo has been approved with a comprehensive package of emergency support measures and tax exemptions), it is essential to acquire photographic evidence with legal value to make it indisputable in the future. For instance, the municipalities of Ravenna and Forlì have invited all citizens to set aside content that can provide evidence of the damage suffered, including objects, furniture, and vehicles that will be disposed of but constitute significant losses. It is best to do this to the maximum legal extent possible.

“I don’t want publicity, and I’m not gaining anything from this,” explained Ugolini to QN, “but these destroyed places are my home, and I had to do something. The sense of solidarity I see is incredible, but I fear for the future, for the moment when the adrenaline fades, and we have to count the damages.” Meanwhile, by using the service, property owners or entrepreneurs can obtain a photographic report with authentic data (timestamp) and a digital signature, with the utmost legal and probative value.

Extracted from La Stampa


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