At a time of great difficulty for Emilia-Romagna, launching initiatives to support the flooded populations is crucial for us. TrueScreen wants to support by offering its services for free and allowing the certification with legal value of photos and videos reporting the damage caused by the flood in recent weeks.

We thank La Repubblica, which mentions the initiative in the following articles, helping us to spread it and reach as many people as possible who could find help in the TrueScreen service made available. The goal is to provide indisputable evidence of the damages suffered thus helping to assess and document them, speed up the bureaucratic process and avoid possible disputes.

“I am from Lugo, I am still with my feet in the mud. Here everyone helps as they can, with what they have available. When I saw that municipalities were advising to collect evidence to testify the extent of the damage suffered, I didn’t think twice.”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and CEO TrueScreen

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