Even TrueScreen, a startup specialized in forensic certification of multimedia content obtained through mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), has stepped in to support the populations affected by the flood in Emilia Romagna. In a LinkedIn post, the CEO of the insurtech company, Fabio Ugolini, stated that the company has made its damage certification service available for free, primarily useful for insurance purposes. To avail the free usage, simply enter the promo code “Alluvioneer.”

“Seeing how hard we’re all working, we will surely return to normalcy soon, despite the billions of euros in damages that everyone has suffered, without exception. These damages – as stated by Ugolini – need to be counted and managed, and the bureaucratic machinery must be as efficient as possible to ensure fair compensation and prevent anyone from taking advantage. In this moment, everyone is contributing by doing what they can, with the resources available to them. At TrueScreen, we can only do one thing: assist in certifying damages (especially for insurance purposes).”

Extract from Insurzine


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