Homes, businesses, automobiles. Damaged by a relentless onslaught of inclement weather that managed to sweep away, either wholly or partially, the efforts of an entire lifetime. These damages now need to be documented in order to secure future compensations—a goal that “TrueScreen,” an application allowing legal certification of the authenticity and truthfulness of multimedia content like photographs, can assist flood-affected citizens with. The company is based in Bologna, on Via della Zecca, but its founder, Fabio Ugolini, resides in Lugo, a town recently submerged by the waters just a few days ago. “We do what we can, and for this reason, I immediately decided to offer my tools for use,” he shared.

What does TrueScreen entail? “Every day, we utilize digital information, from photographs to videos, which are becoming increasingly easy to alter, not only in terms of content but also regarding context, such as date or geolocation. To provide legal value to this information, we’ve proposed a patented solution that guarantees authenticity and immutability of any content. It’s used in the insurance and banking sectors, among others.” Now, this application can prove useful for documenting flood damages as well.

How does it work? “It’s similar to placing an expert consultant in everyone’s hands, with a tool as easy to use as taking a photo. Simply download the application: you’ll see a white banner with ‘Certification of Flood Damages in Emilia-Romagna’ written on it. From there, you’ll proceed by providing your name, surname, tax code, and subsequent information required, depending on whether it’s a company or an individual utilizing it.” And then? “The pivotal aspect will be the photographs. These will be unquestionable. This is because our system’s technology is among the most advanced and enables the legal value of the photo being taken to be guaranteed. Automatically, a certified photographic report will be generated, with probative and legal significance for use in requesting damage documentation. In addition to the photos, all relevant details, such as date and geolocation, will be included. This report can then be attached to the compensation claim application, expediting the process. Furthermore, this approach prevents opportunistic behavior, as one cannot deceive the system by using false information.”

Extracted from il Resto del Carlino


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