In the digital age, being able to verify and certify the authenticity of information in certificates and documents becomes increasingly relevant, as well as complex. Intercepting the need to protect the validity and integrity of its certificates, Progetto Europa decides to adopt the TrueScreen cybersecurity solutions to ensure verified certificates for all its users.

Why it is important to ensure verified certificates

Digital technologies have opened the door to many opportunities, but also to a series of challenges. The biggest of these puts the integrity of information and the credibility of sources at risk. Indeed, it is increasingly common and accessible to manipulate any kind of digital content, even among people with no technical expertise.

In this context, Progetto Europa, a training and consulting organization with 30 years of experience in the field and more than 100 thousand companies and professionals trained, brings innovation within its processes and information flows through TrueScreen solutions.

The first training platform providing instant certification with legal value

Together, TrueScreen and Progetto Europa, provide for the first time the opportunity to participate in immediately certified training courses with legal value. In fact, thanks to our patented technology, all documents issued by Progetto Europa can be verified and certified quickly and efficiently, eliminating the risk of falsification and fraud.

Flavio Sanvito, CEO of Progetto Europa, commented enthusiastically on this collaboration, calling it an “important milestone for the company”. By introducing TrueScreen into its document flows, Progetto Europa will be able to offer even more value to its participants, distinguishing itself in the training market and anticipating the trends and needs of its customers.

“This is an important milestone for our company that comes right at the completion of 30 years, confirming our willingness to always innovate and anticipate the trends and needs of such an important market as training where quality and technology are indispensable. By partnering with TrueScreen, we are pleased that our participants will be the first and currently unique to get even more value from our certified certificates.”

Flavio Sanvito, CEO of Progetto Europa

Bringing technological innovation into training processes

We are proud to thus represent a concrete example of using technology to improve the quality of education and the credibility of information. In a world where information is increasingly easy to manipulate, we are committed together to taking a decisive step toward building a reliable and innovative educational system.

Want to start a partnership to innovate your business processes? We are always looking for new opportunities to improve the security of document flows and digital processes. We will listen to your needs and design a customized solution together. TrueScreen solutions will help you stand out in the market by innovating your processes with the highest quality and efficiency.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.