Recent years have seen a rapid rise of mobile technology that has made photo manipulation increasingly easy and accessible. At the same time, however, it can be risky for the data, especially because it can create inconvenient situations and make it difficult to prove facts, events or content.

With tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or even editing apps directly integrated into smartphone libraries, everyone can remove elements from photos, add filters, correct brightness, and more.

During Super Bowl 2023, Google’s commercial for the release of Google Pixel, “Fixed On Pixel,” unintentionally points out how photo manipulation can have more negative consequences than one might think.

In the video commercial, it is shown how the “Magic Eraser” tool can remove all traces of any element in a photo with a touch and how, as a result, people can obviously easily deny any fact that really happened and was captured in that photo.

The double face of photo manipulation: from advantage to risk

It is easy to imagine how these tools become a double-edged sword: while the ability to erase errors or imperfections from photos is certainly a “cool” thing that can turn out to be useful, this ease of manipulation can lead to serious risks and problems.

For example, photo manipulation can be used to hide important information, such as data about documents, contracts, compromising photos, and other important evidence that can very quickly result in fraud and misinformation.

This risk is especially incisive in the digital world, where information can be easily manipulated and distributed to a large audience in a very short time.

Protect the most important files from manipulation and ensure authenticity

Yet instead, there are tools and technologies that help protect our data and sensitive information. One example is TrueScreen, a patented certification technology for any file that makes it easy to protect data from the moment of capture.

TrueScreen makes it quick and easy to certify files by affixing a time stamp, a digital seal, and collecting data and metadata that are critical for file identification and protection. In this way, we can be assured that our data has been reliably collected and has not been manipulated or altered in any way.

Using TrueScreen solutions, you can ensure the authenticity and immutability of data related to photos, videos, audios, documents, screen recordings, screenshots.

Thus, technology offers us many opportunities to make our lives easier and faster. However, we must also be aware of the potential negative consequences of data and image manipulation, and take the necessary precautions to protect our information. TrueScreen was created as a prevention tool, demonstrating how certified capture becomes the best way to avoid future problems in any situation where the veracity of facts, events or content needs to be proven.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.