The phenomenon of cyberbullying is, unfortunately, on the rise and can take root in any online context, generating even more serious consequences than offline bullying. Why? They often become unstoppable episodes where abusers remain anonymous, denying the victim any possibility of redemption and complaint.

This is why we fight against all forms of hatred and discrimination together with the Antihater Association by allowing legally valid and indisputable digital evidence of these serious bullying incidents to be collected.

Some myths to dispel about cyberbullying

In the gaming context, 79% of gamers said they had been bullied during online games. More than a third of them playing on mobile devices.

There are extremely dangerous activities such as swatting, whereby criminals locate the victim’s home address and file a false criminal complaint with local police forces, who then send their assault teams to the victim’s home. Unfortunately, these cases have also led to the death of victims.

According to 2021 PEW Center research, more than 40% of adults have been victims of online bullying and harassment. Consequences? Stress and anxiety, problems related to mental health.

Report incidents of cyberbullying by obtaining indisputable evidence with an app

The increasing volatility and fallacy of information found online, therefore, dictates that we must have useful tools available for instant crystallization that can substantiate the authenticity and origin of the content.

Giving this possibility in an accessible way is the mission of TrueScreen, which allows us to capture photos, videos, audios, screenshots, in an armored environment inside our smartphones guaranteeing not only authenticity but also immodifiability of the content thanks to real-time certification with legal value.

TrueScreen brings together the best technologies and practices in cybersecurity and puts them in the hands of even those without expertise in the field, allowing them to protect any content acquired with a mobile device (photos, videos, screenshots, audio, chats, documents).

This innovative acquisition method makes it possible to obtain, collect, and store intact, authentic, and unalterable content in a simple and intuitive way with an app available on iOS and Android systems: each user thus has the ability to collect certified digital evidence and quickly share it, if necessary.

In fact, these files are often useful in a variety of areas to substantiate facts or events, even in court. Therefore, TrueScreen makes them indisputable evidence with extreme probative value by applying a digital seal and time stamp.

Ready to secure your data?

Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.