Fabio Ugolini, CEO and Co-Founder TrueScreen, is included in the Forbes list for being among the most promising managers in the cybersecurity field in Italy.

Cybersecurity in fact emerges as one of the most strategic industries in our country and, together with Aerospace, is attributed a crucial value equivalent to about 4.6 billion euros. Data protection, communication, defense, are all inescapable elements of the mission and vision of TrueScreen, a mobile cybersecurity solution that preserves the authenticity of all media files captured with smartphones and tablets.

Fabio Ugolini and TrueScreen: trust, defense, security

After founding the software house Beatcode in 2019 along with Giuseppe Travasoni, Fabio Ugolini approached cybersecurity in 2022 by creating TrueScreen, the app that guarantee and certifies with legal value photos, videos, audio, documents, screen recordings, with the aim of restoring trust in digital communications and, above all, countering fraud and misinformation.

With the TrueScreen acquisition method, cybersecurity becomes within everyone’s reach by providing a tool as simple and intuitive as an application on one’s mobile device. The app instantly applies a time stamp and a digital seal, guaranteeing date certain of the time of capture and thus making manipulation of the captured content impossible. In addition, the certification procedures we can complete with TrueScreen ensure extreme evidential value at minimum cost.

All data analyzed by TrueScreen technology, which is ISO 27037 compliant, is made available on the Forensic Report which is signed by an Official Certifying Body and the captured contents can be immediately shared or saved on a secure cloud.

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Certify the authenticity and immutability of your files through patented forensic methodology with full legal value.