Image editing has ancient origins. Manipulations of photos have been implemented throughout history in order to censor certain events, improve the consideration of others and the reputation of power, pursue propaganda purposes, and mislead the viewer about the reality of facts.

To this day in particular, with the advent of the Web, digital photo editing is more popular than ever. Sometimes editing consists of small corrections. For example, one can improve color rendition, apply effects, adjust brightness, and change the depth range of the image.

Other times, however, operations can be more invasive and capable of tampering and retouching shots in a short time. One can, for example, remove unwanted objects or people and disturbing elements from photos in a decidedly simple way.

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It is, in fact, possible to rely on free photo editing applications, available on any mobile device’s store, to professionally retouch photos directly from a smartphone.

  “We know that a 12-year-old kid with a 100-euro device with a free app is able to edit the content, and consequently the meaning, of a photo, a video, an audio. And so we said, ‘is there a way to create some kind of unhackable capsule around this content that not only protects it, but also describes where it was created?”

""Fabio Ugolini, Founder and TrueScreen CEO

Anyone can therefore correct, manipulate, or alter a photograph in a very short time and in a couple of simple steps; this makes it difficult to distinguish authentic shots from retouched ones.

As a result, there is a widespread and ingrained awareness of how easily photos can be altered. This makes them ineffective and unreliable in proving an event or fact that happened in reality.

TrueScreen App, thanks to a proprietary technology, makes it possible to verify the images and certify that they have not been modified, obtain a certified forensic report that is digitally signed and time-stamped, compliant with the most stringent directives on the subject and able to crystallize the data in the acquired file, guaranteeing the integrity of its acquisition.

Start certifying your photo and other content to always protect yourself from being disputed and manipulated.

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